TS Mason – Course 3 – Post RFP

Course 3: Highly Effective Business Development Process – Post RFP Release

Instructional Hours:

TBD (Estimate 3 – 4 hours)


Recommend (Not Required) Course 1: Introduction to Business Development as a Culture Utilizing the Enterprise Approach and Course 2: Highly Effective Business Development Process – Pre RFP Release


The targeted audience is business professionals engaged in government contracting


This course is the second of three courses that provides a recommended business development process utilizing the “Enterprise Approach”. Participants will be provided a basic process comprised of important steps for developing business opportunities with an emphasis on government contracting.                              

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Module 3.1: Phase 5 – Participants will be provided an adaptive presentation of Module 2.2 which incorporates a review of the actual RFP. Instruction will include recommended hot buttons to look at when reviewing the RFP.
    • RFP Analysis
    • Workforce Analysis.
  • Module 3.2: Phase 6 – Bid / No Bid – Participants will be provided an adaptive presentation of Module 2.3.
  • Module 3.3: Phase 7 – This instruction will provide participants recommendations that will enable them to:
    • Finalize & Initiate Proposal Plan. Determining writing assignments, timelines and requirements.
    • Validate & Adjust Workforce Plan & Recruiting Plan. Participants will be provided an adaptive overview of Module 2.4 that incorporates the adjustment of labor requirements and recruiting initiatives based upon the RFP.  
  • Module 3.4: Phase 8 – Participants will be provided recommended hot button topics of consideration for the following two functional areas:
    • Proposal Development. Managing writing assignments and collection, compliance issues, adapting to amendments and changes to the solicitation.
    • Contingent Offers. Negotiating contingent offers and collecting resumes and bios required by the RFP.
  • Module 3.5: Phase 9 –  An overview of recommendations for:
    • Proposal Review, Production and Submission. Preponderance of instruction will explore the pros and cons of color team reviews vs. non color team (in-progress) reviews and why in-progress reviews may be the best solution.   
    • Recruiting – Recruiting does not stop. Continuing to develop and manage the prospect pool.
  • Review



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