TS Mason – Course 1 – Introduction to Business Development

Course 1: Introduction to Business Development as a Culture Utilizing the Enterprise Approach

Instructional Hours:

TBD (Estimate 5-6 hours)




The targeted audience is business professionals engaged in government contracting; however, the core principles are applicable within any organization engaged in generating revenue.


This course sheds the traditional approach of creating a business development department within an organization by exploring the development of creating a business development culture utilizing an “Enterprise Approach”.

Course Objectives:

Help the participant develop a basic understanding of:

  • The differences between a traditional business development department and business development from an “Enterprise Approach”
  • The value of developing a business development culture utilizing the “Enterprise Approach”
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) and how it is the key component of creating business development culture utilizing the “Enterprise Approach”

This module will address the following sub modules:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1.1: What is Business Development? This module provides and exploration of business development from a basic sales viewpoint and how it correlates to the more complex business development requirements. It also explores the difference between business development management versus business development strategy.
  • Module 1.2: Business or Enterprise, What is the difference? This module explores the similarities and differences between the concept of “Business” and “Enterprise” from definition to concept and the importance of the two within an organization 
  • Module 1.3: What is the Human Capital? This is an area so often left out of the business development process. This module addresses the definition of Human Capital and why it is the key component of the “Enterprise Approach”.
  • Module 1.4: What is the Enterprise Approach to Business Development? This is the culminating topic combining the preceding elements, Business Development, Enterprise and Human Capital into the “Enterprise Approach”. Presented material will explore the interrelationship of these three elements into one cohesive approach to create a highly effective and efficient business development culture.
  • Review


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