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The Human Factor (THF) is an experienced management consulting firm specializing in four principal areas: organization development, quality programs, executive coaching, and training and development. 


We excel in the key areas of organizational development and training designed to boost individual skill sets, and create high performance cultures that improve bottom-line results and organizational values. Our organizational consulting services will help you to identify, create and implement strategic plans, change processes, and team building that will achieve tangible results. In addition, our quality programs are designed to address your organization’s specific challenges in order to maximize the potential of your management team and employees.

THF is more than just an experienced contractor.  We are an established partner that works together with our customers to meet requirements and then reach beyond them, identifying underlying organizational goals and objectives, areas for continuous improvement, process streamlining, or increased quality.  As a customer-focused, quality-driven organization, THF thrives on doing more, on exceeding customer expectations, and providing service that is superior to every other small business contractor in our industry.

All of our efforts are values-based and experientially-oriented.  We know that each participant brings a broad array of knowledge and experience with them so we make every effort to tap into those valuable resources for the benefit of all who we consult and educate.  We view ourselves less as trainers and more as facilitators, in building on these collective experiences to empower people to face the challenges of leading in the 21st Century.


In partnership with Trio Consulting, THF is proud to offer the courses listed below.



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