Trio Consulting, LLC is proud to announce our newest defense contracting capability – SeaPort – E. Trio has been selected to team with Washington Square Associates (WSA) on the US Navy’s premier contracting vehicle SeaPort – Enhanced. Trio’s SeaPort-E partnership is in Zone 2, which includes Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.


Upon receiving the selection notice, Trio’s President, David A. Turner, Jr, said “Our selection on WSA’s SeaPort-E team is an exciting development for the Trio team and reflects well on the value of our consulting Cadre, training capability and our team culture”.


As a member of WSA’s SeaPort-E team, Trio is well prepared to be a great partner with our team mates in satisfying Navy and Marine Corps requirements in both training and capability development.  Trio’s consulting practice is anchored by our life-cycle philosophy.  Our consultants operate from the underlying idea that truly successful military capability is developed from cradle to grave with a complete life-cycle perspective.  Trio’s consulting practice can provide:

  • Capability Leadership Support
  • Executive Advisory Consulting
  • Capability Development Support
    • Concept Development
    • Research & Development (R&D)
    • Joint Capability Integrated Development System (JCIDS)
    • Requirements Development and Management
    • Systems Engineering (SE)
    • Program Management (PM)
    • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBES)
    • Acquisitions (Acq)
    • Test & Evaluation (T&E)
    • Operations (Ops)
    • Strategic Planning

If you would like more information about how Trio can help you, please contact us.

V:  571-267-1445

F:  571-572-3447

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