Never hear, “So, what kind of leader are you?” again!

The Institute awards 4 different leadership certificates because leadership is practiced at different levels.

The art and science of leadership evolves as one evolves in their career. In recongnition of this evolution, the Leadership Certification Institute offers leadership certifications at 4 different levels.

  • Bronze – individual leaders
  • Silver – functional leaders
  • Gold – multi-functional leaders
  • Platinum – societal leaders

The Leadership Certification criteria provide the standards for each level. If you consider yourself a leader, and value the opportunity to earn a certification that demonstrates the skills and experience you have, then the Leadership Certification Institute invites you to take advantage of this limited opportunity to apply for your certification for free (a $499 value).

A leadership certification clearly demonstrates to your colleagues, prospective employers, clients, and customers that your leadership ability has been evaluated, assessed, and certified. Earn your leadership certificate and no one will ever have to ask, “…So, what kind of leader are you?”

Platinum Leadership

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