On April 23rd, 2013, the US Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) contracting office issued a Task Order to Trio as a sole-source vendor for DAU Equivalent Provider of Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part B (LOG 201).  Trio will deliver the course at the Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg, PA on 15-19 Jul 2013.  Trio is proud to support the US Navy acquisition workforce meet certification goals.

LOG 201 provides a dynamic, group-based, facilitated learning environment oriented toward further developing logistics competencies required by the life cycle logistician during weapons and equipment systems development. It challenges the professional to think critically, differentiate support alternatives, and provide solutions to ensure the early integration of operational supportability into the system development process. These skills are refined by instructor-facilitated group exercises and discussions. Special emphasis is placed on developing and delivering the required logistics inputs that ensure supportability is designed into a system.  LOG 201 is targeted toward military officers, O-3 and above; military enlisted E-7 and above; civilians, GS-9 and above; and industry counterparts.

Trio DAU Training offers:

  • Classes available when and where needed
  • We use only Certified DAU Instructors
  • We can provide Remote delivery
  • Sole-Source vendor justification for LOG 201 and BCF 211
  • Registration via secure web site
  • Ensure submission to DACM for student credit
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