Military Pay – Another victim of sequestration?

It’s being reported that Leon Panetta is recommending a mere 1% pay increase for the military in 2014, blaming sequestration.  While at the same time, some federal workers enjoy part of an $11B pay increase package, despite attempts to reverse it.  There have been reports of the services cutting their numbers, and just this week, an aircraft carrier rotation was cancelled in the Persian Gulf reducing from two carriers.  And these are not all the efforts underway.  Despite all these pressures, America’s warfighters will continue to ‘support and defend the constitution’, even if they have to do more with less.  This means those who remain will need to be as sharp and well trained as possible.  Trio Consulting is proud to help with that.  Check out our certified defense acquisition courses and consider which one is right for you.  If you need a course not yet on the list, check out our “Future Classes” for what’s coming.  If it’s still not there, contact us to request we add the course you need.  Or just comment below.


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