Immediate Job Opportunities

Trio is currently hiring for the following positions:


Program Management

  • Product Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Relations Manager

Program Analysis

  • Program Analyst
  • Liaison Officer
  • International Programs Analyst

Life Cycle Management

  • Life Cycle Manager
  • Equipment Specialist

Administrative Support

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Exhibit Coordinator
  • Graphics Artist
  • Multi-Media Support
  • Technical Writer

Business & Analytical

Financial Management Services

  • Budget Analyst

Management, Organizational & Business Improvement Services

  • Business Analyst
  • Contract Support Analyst
  • Data Management Specialist
  • Personnel Manager

Affordability & Costing

  • Earned Value Management Specialist
  • Cost Analyst

Specialized Analysis

  • Statistician
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Improvement Specialist

Training Services

  • Training Specialist

Engineering & Technical

Engineering Support

  • Systems Engineer
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Configuration Management Specialist

Specialized Engineering

  • Communications Analyst
  • Emergency Management Analyst
  • Architecture Support

Test and Evaluation

  • Test Analyst

Science and Technology

  • Science and Technology Analyst

Information Technology

Information Assurance

  • Information Assurance Support

Architecture Support

  • Network Engineer


  • Software Engineer
  • Automation and Instrumentation Support


Acquisition Logistics

  • Logistics Management Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Specialist

Logistics Analysis

  • Staff Logistician
  • Program Logistician

Technical Documentation Validation

  • Technical Documentation Specialist

Sustainment and Maintainability

  • Transition Manager
  • Sustainment Manager
  • Fielding Coordinator
  • Property Accountability Officer


Drug Development Policies & Procedures

  • Nonclinical Advisor
  • Clinical Advisor
  • Process Advisor
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

Science, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine/Biologics, Management

  • Biomedical Technician
  • Scientist
  • Licensed Healthcare Provider
  • Bio-Media Technician
  • Medical Systems Cost Modeler

Determine the position & level for which you are qualified, then submit your resume and start date availability to


Apply for the Trio Cadre

The Cadre is Trio’s trusted network of professionals for consulting and training opportunities.  Trio seeks experienced professionals and young achievers to join our team.  If you’re looking to make a difference, Trio invites you to apply to be a member of our Cadre by completing the form below and we’ll get you started.


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