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Almost every time you pick up a newspaper you read about the absence of leadership in the country, this company or that agency. What is leadership? Can a person be trained to be a leader? What is the difference between leadership and management? Is there a difference? What is values-based leadership? Can a person or persons of like minds transform an organization to high performance? What is a high performing organization? This course will explore these and other questions about this very important field. The participant will explore the skills, knowledge, the abilities identified with the exercise of leadership. The course will also look at values and how they impact an organization and finally the change process to transform the organization to a high performing and highly successful one.

Values-based Transformational Leadership

Values-based Transformational Leadership


3 days

Who should take the course:

This program is for leaders and those that aspire to leadership at any level in the organization who want to learn and develop themselves and then the organization.

What you will learn:

  • A definition of leadership and what makes a leader?
  • We will compare and contrast the differences between leaders and managers and the why and when of wearing both hats.
  • What is my current leadership style and is it effective for the people to whom I am providing leadership?
  • What are my highest held values and what are the values of my organization and how do I implement both sets of values?
  • What is necessary to change the way we do business today and what will be required for tomorrow? We will develop a change model for both organization and personal change.
  • Most of the great leaders you can think of have one thing in common and that is they are effective communicators. We will develop a model for effective oral communications and learn what the body is really saying.
  • The High Performing Organization – A Model for Excellence – How can I contribute to bring about the changes necessary to develop a high performing organization?

Download the Values-based Transformational Leadership one page flyer.