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We all suffer stress, at least occasionally, and even good things and times can be stressful. In today’s workplace and home life, job advancement and satisfaction, physical and psychological health, and even life expectancy can depend on one’s ability to adapt in a positive fashion to our ever changing and ever stressful environment. The changes occurring in today’s work environment are compounding the effects of stress. “Doing more with less”, “Crazy bosses and other difficult employees”, and the speed of work place communications are all contributing to how we react to our environment – STRESS. This program will help individuals identify the effects of both significant events and day-to-day living impact them and how to be better prepared to cope with the debilitating effects of stress. Using a few simple principles we will be better able to fulfill our future coping with impossible circumstances.

Stress Management

Stress Management


1 day

Who should take the course:

This program is for everyone who desires to overcome, simply and easily, the debilitating effects of the stressors in their lives.

What you will learn:

  • To identify what stress in the workplace is including difficult bosses and co-workers and the job itself
  • Seven (7) ways of dealing with workplace stress identify the stressors in our lives and evaluate those can you can control and those you can’t control
  • To gather a support network with the broadest reaches possible
  • To recognize the positive effects of coping mechanisms and four (4) simple steps to cope more positively with stress
  • To develop a strategic plan for controlling stress with six (6) must know tips for coping with workplace stress and develop a “workplace wellness plan”.

Download the Stress Management one page flyer.