LOG 201B – Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part B


LOG 201, part B, is the second part in a two-course series designed for intermediate acquisition logistics professionals.  The course provides students with a dynamic, group-based, facilitated learning environment to orient them to further developing logistics competencies required by the life cycle logistician during weapons and equipment systems development.  LOG 201B challenges the acquisition professional to think critically, differentiate and support alternatives, and provide real solutions to ensure the early integration of operational supportability into the system development process.  These skills are refined by instructor-facilitated group exercises, IPT work, and discussions.  Special emphasis is placed on developing and delivering the required logistics inputs  that make sure supportability is designed into a system.


5 days (8 hrs / day)


Who Should Take This Course:

The student audience includes Life Cycle Logisticians seeking Level II DAWIA certification.  Members of other acquisition career fields are also encouraged to take this course, which serves as another step in the foundation for acquisition planning considerations for DoD systems to be designed, manufactured, fielded, and supported.  LOG 201 is targeted at military officers, O-3 and above; military enlisted E-7 and above; civilians, GS-9 and above; and industry counterparts.

LOG 201B – Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part B

LOG 201B – Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part B



  • LOG 200, Intermediate Acquisition Logistics, Part A


  • All Students should have 2 or more years of life cycle logistics experience and be currently assigned or expected to be assigned to a supportability manager position in the future.


Download the LOG 201B one page flyer.