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Course 2: Highly Effective Business Development Process – Pre RFP Release



Instructional Hours:

TBD (Estimate 5-6 hours)


Recommend (Not Required) Course 1: Introduction to Business Development as a Culture Utilizing the Enterprise Approach


The targeted audience is business professionals engaged in government contracting


This course is the first of three courses that provides a recommended business development process utilizing the “Enterprise Approach”. Participants will be provided a basic process comprised of important steps for developing business opportunities with an emphasis on government contracting.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Module 2.1: Phase 1 – Opportunity Discovery. The concept of “Discovery” versus “Identification” will be explored. The fore mentioned represents a proactive approach whereby the later indicates a passive approach in the first step of business development. Participants will explore the most common available methods and venues.
  • Module 2.2: Phase 2 – Participants will explore two highly important functions which together form Phase 2 of the business development process. The functions are:
    • Opportunity Analysis. The importance of conducting this function and an overview of methods is explored.
    • Workforce Analysis. This is often a function not included in the business development process. The participant will be presented with a basic understanding of this process and how it interacts with the Opportunity Analysis. (Note: More detailed instruction can be provided in a separate course.)
  • Module 2.3: Phase 3 – Pursue/No Pursue. Important factors to consider are explored for making the decision to pursue or not to pursue an opportunity.
  • Module 2.4: Phase 4 – Participants will explore the four functional areas which make up this final phase of this course. Instructions will explore:
    • Capture Management. Areas of consideration for effective Capture Management that also includes proposal preparation and qualifying teaming alliances
    • Workforce Planning. The development of a basic position description
    • Recruiting Plan Development & Implementation. Developing a contingent recruiting plan and implementing the plan.
    • Prospect Pool Creation. Contingent recruiting.
    • Review

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Individual Leadership