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Contract Closeout

In government contracting, Contract Closeout is an undervalued, yet important aspect of a successful contracting organization.  When done well, Contract Closeout not only satisfies basic requirements, but will likely benefit the organization and its mission through optimum use of current funding. This 4-day course provides the student with the basis of the process in the FAR 4.804, strategic planning considerations, and step by step instruction of the entire process.  Instructors use multiple modalities to lead the students through the Contract Closeout process, providing practical application throughout.  Upon completion, students understand the basis, principals, strategies, processes, and steps required to execute a Contract Closeout process that supports the organizational mission.

This course is designed to teach students how to develop the program as well as how to carry it out.


4 Days

Who Should Take the Course:

All federal contracting professionals, including managers, contracting officers, acquisition analysts, and contractors will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the Contract Closeout process and the ability to not only carry it out, but to strategize an optimum Contract Closeout program, and execute the process.

What You Will Learn:

Students will learn the four basic elements of Contract Closeout, including:

  • Regulatory basis (FAR)
  • Planning and Strategies
  • Required steps, tasks and processes
  • Variations and Optimization

Students will learn:

  • Timing and completion deadlines for all types of contracts
  • Stakeholders, roles and responsibilities (KO, COTR, PM, Contractor, etc.)
  • How to manage and execute the process
  • All the required steps in the “Contract Closeout Checklist”
  • Audit issues
  • Quick Closeouts
  • Tips for managing the process
  • Problems to look out for – and avoid