Building High Reliability Processes

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Building High Reliability Processes

High Reliability Processes

High Reliability Processes




1 day


Do you have processes, products or services where “failure is not an option?”  Everyone knows “nothing is perfect.”  Well there are many industries where perfection is the only option:  nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, medical, aerospace, banking and others.  This course captures the principles, tools and techniques that you can apply to any product or service to eliminate defects and deliver near perfection every time.  Impossible?  Stand aside so that who understand the concepts of building high reliability processes can pass you by and take your customers.

Who should attend:

  • Executives CEOs, CFOs, COO, CIO, Directors/ Division  Chiefs
  • Program Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers
  • Small Business Owners, Federal contractors,  Future Executives, Service Providers

What you will learn:

Graduates of this course will know how to:

  • Build a culture of “high reliability”
  • “Treat near misses”
  • Drive out rational excuses for poor performance
  • Calculate process reliability
  • Use “checklist” to drive out errors
  • Build in mistaking proofing and error proofing
  • Implement parallel and serial processes to reduce errors
  • Capture the cost of failure
  • Build a workforce where each employee pays close attention to operations and maintains awareness as to what is or isn’t working
  • Develop metrics that bring a focus to what’s important and drives the right behaviors
  • Build into every employee, at every level to think of ways their work processes might break down.

Download the Building High Reliability Processes one page flyer.