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Becoming a Learning Organization


Building A Learning Organization

Building A Learning Organization



1 day


“The only thing that gives an organization a competitive edge … is what it knows, how it uses what it knows, and how fast it can know something new.” – Laurence Prusak, IBM Knowledge Institute


A Learning Organization is one that puts value on not only the individuals learning, but on the whole enterprise deliberately adopting lessons learned, understanding root causes so that mistakes don’t have to be repeated.

Managers are typically held prisoner to the traditional whines about “we’re different” from other parts of the company when it comes to adopting expensive lessons learned?  So the challenge is not so much to improve the “state-of-the-art,” but rather to lift up the “state-of-practice” so that an ever increasing numbers of people and processes can benefit from each improvement project.

  • Say you have applied a well thought out solution after an aircraft crash that would prevent future catastrophes. Could other teams, locations, shifts or processes benefit from your lessons learned? Should learning these lessons be optional?
  • Should sharing lessons be aggressively done or is a passive approach acceptable when it comes to saving lives and significant investments.
  • Does a senior manager who has invested heavily in an improvement team have an economic obligation, to demand an improvement pilot be extended as far as possible within the enterprise?

Who should attend:

  • Executives CEOs, CFOs, COO, CIO, Directors/ Division Chiefs
  • Program Managers, Product Managers, HR Managers, Marketing Managers
  • Small Business Owners, Sales Managers, Future Executives

What you will learn:

Graduates of this course will know how to:
Re-use existing knowledge, identifying and retaining experts and spreading lessons learned and best practices throughout the enterprise
Make continuous learning a part of the company culture in audits, performance/ management reviews, inspections, corrective actions, etc.

… and know how:

  • Ford applied the concepts to drive costs down and performance up.
  • The Air Force uses ‘learning” and “replication” to increase weapon system reliability
  • Learning Organizations replicate good practices as a cost-effective means of utilizing scarce resources and yet avoid “Blind cloning.”
  • Learning organizations mitigate the effects of risks, drive mission achievement, drive profits, increase productivity–strategically.

Download the Building a Learning Organization one page flyer.