BCF 211 – Acquisition Business Management


This is the key Acquisition Business Management course required for obtaining DAWIA Level II Certification in Financial Management.

This Acquisition Business Management Course offers hands-on experience in dealing with common financial issues in acquisition including cost estimating, earned value management (EVM) analysis, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE), congressional enactment, and budget preparation and execution.

Who Should Take This Course:

BCF 211 is for intermediate-level personnel needing acquisitions training for positions supporting DoD weapons systems as well as various aspects of business and financial management throughout the life cycle of a system.


5 days (8 hrs/day)


BCF 211 – Acquisition Business Management

BCF 211 – Acquisition Business Management


  • BCF 102, Fundamentals of Earned Value Management
  • BCE 103, Fundamentals of Business Financial Management
  • BCF 106, Fundamentals of Cost Analysis



  • Two years of acquisition experience
  • ACQ 201B, Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B

Download the BCF 211 one page flyer.


*** In 2013 DAU changed this course into two courses – BCF 220 (Distance Learning) and BCF 225 (In-Class).  Trio students avoid having to spend more than 2 weeks in training for the same credit.  Trio’s BCF 211 is DAU certified so Trio students will earn credit for both BCF 220 and BCF 225.