Annual Goals Review Course

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  • Improved Performance is a result of positive behavior changes. Even the best can improve, but only the committed will achieve their desired results.
  • Often goals are a list of tasks that are soon abandoned. Why? Because it’s work! We have to think about them all the time. That takes energy.
  • Would you like to make these changes effortless? Star athletes and high performing professionals make it look so easy. The reason, achievement comes from good habits. The 275 yard drive and loyal customers, both result from good habits.
  • In this course you will develop successful Goal Achievement habits.
Annual Goals Review

Annual Goals Review


  • 2-4 Development Sessions, 3 Follow-Up Sessions
  • The group of participants will meet weekly for 2-4 weeks. Each session will be approximately 2-4 hours in length. This process enables participants to “develop” since they will have application and practice time between sessions. Each session will end with specific goals and action steps to be accomplished by the next session.
  • The group will meet quarterly for the 3 quarters following the last session. Participants will present progress reports on their individual and organizational goals. When needed, additional content may also be part of these sessions.

Who should take the course:

  • Young professionals seeking a fast start to their career
  • High Performers in early to mid-career seeking accelerated achievement
  • Senior Executives seeking enhanced efficiency to cope with growing responsibilities.

What you will gain:

  • Insight to your unique style of thinking and performing.
  • Professional Planning process and tools
  • Personal Planning to maximize work-life balance
  • How to replace ineffective habits with better ones
  • Personal Action Plan to take control of your life and your career.
  • Measure your progress over a year
  • Work with a peer group of advisors to help you achieve maximum results.

Download the Annual Goals Review one page flyer.