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DoD Cost Estimating w/ ACEIT

DoD Cost Estimating w/ ACEIT

In the world of defense acquisitions and project management, Cost Estimating is a vital function to the success of a project.  In the world of Cost Estimating, Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT), is the leading mechanism to support the Cost Estimating function.  Understanding how to use ACEIT is a critical skill set for Cost Estimating and budgeting professionals.

Trio’s ACEIT course includes two, two-day modules.  Module 1 provides students with proficiency in the use of ACEIT and the ability to evaluate existing models.  Module 2 provides the student with the proficiency to develop new cost models and modify existing models.


4 Days (delivered in two seperate 2 day sessions)

Who Should Take the Course:

All federal contracting professionals, including managers, contracting officers, acquisition analysts, and contractors will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the Cost Estimating process and the ability to not only carry it out, but to evaluate cost models and results.   This is a extremely vital skill set for all Cost Estimating professionals.

What You Will Learn:

Students will learn the basic elements of the use of ACEIT, including:

  • How Cost Estimating fits into the overall Defense Acquisition System
  • Use of the ACEIT Software
  • Understand software structure
  • Understand how ACEIT imports information from other systems
  • Cost Estimate Modeling
  • Analysis
  • Reporting


Download the flyer HERE.

Trio ACEIT Course