BCF211 True or Not True?

DAU Commercial Vendors

DAU Commercial Vendors

BCF 211 True or Not True?

  • BCF 211 No Longer Offered – Replaced by BCF 220 and BCF 225 (Direct posting from DAU News)
  • Due to a large number of failures in the pre-work portion of BCF 211, the course has been converted to two courses, BCF 220 (web) and BCF 225 (resident). Students will be required to successfully complete BCF 220 before a reservation in BCF 225 will be approved.

Maybe not at DAU, but Trio has BCF 211! We have the approved “Equivalent Course” as a commercial vendor. See for yourself on the DAU’s list of approved Commercial Vendors (.pdf).


Why tell you this? First, DAU is a government entity and prohibited (right now) from marketing Trio’s capability. Second, Trio can quickly respond to your needs, remote the course to your location (not the regional center), and we save you 25 man-hours per student (BCF 220). For example, 30 students * 25 hours = 750 total MH @ $75/MH = $56,250. That’s cost savings, not cost avoidance! Contact us today to register or learn more about our training courses.


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