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Trio Consulting, LLC is proud to announce our newest defense contracting capability – SeaPort – E. Trio has been selected to team with Washington Square Associates (WSA) on the US Navy’s premier contracting vehicle SeaPort – Enhanced. Trio’s SeaPort-E partnership is in Zone 2, which includes Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.


Upon receiving the selection notice, Trio’s President, David A. Turner, Jr, said “Our selection on WSA’s SeaPort-E team is an exciting development for the Trio team and reflects well on the value of our consulting Cadre, training capability and our team culture”.


As a member of WSA’s SeaPort-E team, Trio is well prepared to be a great partner with our team mates in satisfying Navy and Marine Corps requirements in both training and capability development.  Trio’s consulting practice is anchored by our life-cycle philosophy.  Our consultants operate from the underlying idea that truly successful military capability is developed from cradle to grave with a complete life-cycle perspective.  Trio’s consulting practice can provide:

  • Capability Leadership Support
  • Executive Advisory Consulting
  • Capability Development Support
    • Concept Development
    • Research & Development (R&D)
    • Joint Capability Integrated Development System (JCIDS)
    • Requirements Development and Management
    • Systems Engineering (SE)
    • Program Management (PM)
    • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBES)
    • Acquisitions (Acq)
    • Test & Evaluation (T&E)
    • Operations (Ops)
    • Strategic Planning

If you would like more information about how Trio can help you, please contact us.

V:  571-267-1445

F:  571-572-3447

Post – Sequestration (“S”) Blues

FY13 has been an interesting political nightmare as the leaders of our country come to grip with a debt crisis.  For government workers, this is exacerbated by across the board cuts to the professional workforce.  Training organizations had justified their expenditures only to have their program halted due to budget drills in preparation of the “S.”  It is still not over as Congressional action merely delayed the final resolution.

Trio weathered the storm by examining the climate, assessing risk, then taking action like becoming more agile in training options and adding a new course to our DAU Equivalent Provider catalogue.   Just like many of you do in your profession.  We are prepared to help your organization get back on track; bring you the results you targeted.  It’s our mission to help you make your job easier.

Trio Wrap Up

Trio Wrap Up

Trio Wrap Up

Trio Consulting, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Northern Virginia specializing in providing Leadership, Management, and Technology consulting and training for military (DoD), government, and businesses.  To find out more about Trio Consulting, visit their web site at, e-mail or call 571-267-1445.

Trio Sponsors “FH&H Bid Protest Seminar” for GovCon League

On Monday, 22 Apr 13, Trio Consulting hosted the GovCon League event presented by Fluet, Huber & Hoang.  The event speaker, FH&H attorney, Chris Nagel, presented a fluetcomprehensive overview of Bid Protests.  Not only did Mr. Nagle present how protests are done, along with certain rules, but he also tied the bid protest decision to the business by asking “Should we protest”.  He discussed the different levels of protests (i.e. agency, GAO, and Federal Court) and what is involved in each.

Attendees were very engaged, and the discussions were lively and informative.


Trio ShieldTrio Consulting provides conference services that allow you, your team or company to conduct conferenes and meetings internally or with/for clients.  If you are interested in scheduling a conference, simply contact Trio.

GovCon League is the premier consortium of government contractors and is designed to maximize members’ business development efforts through a team approach.  If you are interested in GovCon League membership, contact GovCon League.GCL

Trio Hosts GovCon League – International Business Symposium

Today, Thurs 18 Apr 13, Trio Consulting hosted it’s first of soon to be many GovCon League events at it’s Lake Ridge, VA facility.

International Business Symposium

International Business Symposium


Today’s event was focused on international business. The event started with a keynote address from Jenee Andreev, Int’l Trade Manager, Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP). Then we held a very informative panel discussion which included -Jonathan Kieffer, Manager Tidewater Global Services, Jamie Baisden, President QMT Windchimes, and Brian Ledgerwood, International Trade Federal Government.


Excellent discussion throughout the densely informative event provided attendees with the key insights they need to expand their small/medium business overseas.  As a member, Trio is proud to host GovCon League at our conference center.  We’re looking forward to the next event on Mon 22 Apr 13 when the law firm Fluet, Huber & Hoang present their Bid Protest Seminar.

Joe Fluet of FH&H explains the importance of complying with ITAR when selling overseas. If you are interested in Trio Consulting or GovCon League, please contact us.

Joe Fluet of FH&H explains the importance of complying with ITAR when selling overseas.



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